The 360Mini shows the world as it is - ROUND.
Ideal for 360° movies and images, VR views, 360 degree animation and information.

360Mini, 3500 Lumen, Laser/LED   360Mini, 4800 Lumen, Lampenbeamer
360Mini - LED
LED/Laser Projector
3.500 Lumen / 20.000 hours
1280 x 800 Resolution
Technical housing: 600 x 600 x 700 mm
Display: D 500 mm, H 500 mm
Gesamthöhe: 1.250 mm
  360Mini - Lamp
Lamps Projector
4.800 lumen / 3.500 hours
1920 x 1080 Resolution
Technical housing: 600 x 600 x 700 mm
"Hals": D 400 mm, H 200 mm
Display: D 500 mm, H 500 mm
Gesamthöhe: 1.450 mm

A lower box (600 x 600 x 700 mm) or height-adjustable feet (600 - 900 cm) are offered as accessories in the shop.

360Mini - Supported Formats

spherical panorama

spherical panorama

rectangle panorama

360 degree rectangle panorama

2D photos

formate 2D fotos

2D videos

2D Videos

live pictures

formate anschluss lifecam

directly playable converting
directly playable

The 360Mini is compatible with all 360° cameras. List of compatible cameras.
360 degree oneshot cameras can be played back directly and are usually also suitable
for live images. Multishot shots with 2 or more lenses must be edited for display.

360Mini - Control
The 360Mini can be controlled optionally via




Tablet PC



Digital Signage System

formate anschluss lifecam


 The 360Mini is controlled by a Mini-PC  The optional Intel NUC offers more functions

360Mini - Individual
In the standard version, the housing of the 360Mini is black. Alternatively we offer a colour foil or photo foil with your desired motif.

Main applications for the 360Mini

Digital signage, instore marketing, trade fairs, events, tourism, real estate, exhibitions, museums,
showroom, retail, gastronomy, hotels, practice marketing, other application examples

 360Mini - your eye-catcher and customer magnet for the point of sale